SWLC & LCSW Licensing Rules

The implementation of SB 22 has resulted in a revision of the social work licensure process with the State of Montana and the Montana Board of Behavioral Health.  In order to practice as an unlicensed social worker in Montana, you are required to apply for and be approved for the Social Work Licensure Candidate (SWLC) credential before the application deadline of April 27, 2016.

Who does this apply to?  

All unlicensed social workers seeking their LCSW and are accruing and/or planning to accrue supervision hours towards their licensure

How do I apply to become a Social Work Licensure Candidate (SWLC)?

The MT Board of Behavioral Health prefers that you complete your application online at https://ebiz.mt.gov/pol/.  For the next two weeks, you will be permitted to use the old application which is still on the MT Board of Behavioral Health website: http://b.bsd.dli.mt.gov/license/bsd_boards/bbh_board/board_page.asp.  The MT Board of Behavioral Health is working on the “paper & pencil” version of the form which will be found online as soon as it is available.

Be prepared to pay the $200 application fee, provide three letters of reference, and to provide your finger prints and background check, which were previously required when applying for an LCSW.  Prior to applying, you will want to complete the required supervision forms, which are attached below and you will upload them to the online application.  

Updated Required Supervision Forms:

Supervisory Agreement

Supervisory & Training Plan

Updated Application Process:

Social Work Application Process

What are the consequences if I do not apply by the deadline?

If you do not have your application in by the deadline, you are considered practicing without a license in the state of Montana and are at risk of having a complaint filed against you.  In addition, you are not able to accrue supervision hours without a Social Work Licensure Candidate (SWLC) credential after the deadline.

Contact Information

NASW Montana is happy to support social workers who are going through this process.  Feel free to email Amy at [email protected] or call at 406-449-6208 for additional support.

To contact the Montana Board of Behavioral Health, click here: MT Board of Behavioral Health Contact Page