NASW Ethics & Legal Consultations


 New: Members-Only Legal Consultation Calls:

Calls are answered Monday through Thursday from 11:00 to 4:30 ET.  All members should be referred through Member Services, or directly to the Consultation Line at 800.638.8799 ext. 290 or 202.408.8600 ext. 290.  The member can leave a message, and the call will be returned from the Office of General Counsel.  The member can also leave an email address so that resources can be provided if appropriate.


NASW Office of Ethics and Professional Review


Professional ethics are the core of social work. The NASW Code of Ethics offers a set of values, principles and standards to guide decision-making and everyday professional conduct of social workers. It is relevant to all social workers and social work students regardless of their specific functions or settings. The Code was last revised in 1999 and is currently used by most social work licensing boards.

What we do: